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Visit Costa del Azahar

The most beautiful beaches in the Costa del Azahar

The beaches of the Costa Azahar are the promise of beautiful days of relaxation and recreation during your vacation at L’Orangeraie. All around you, less than 10 km from the campsite, discover the contrasting charms of the urban beach of Peñíscola, the wild beach of La Romana protected by dunes, or the very lively El Gurugú beach in Castellón.

You have the chance to enjoy a variety of beaches with very different characteristics in a 20 km long coastal strip. In Vinaròs, there are beautiful sandy beaches along the coastline, and on either side of the city, there are coves surrounded by small rocky cracks. Benicarló is bordered by very large pebble beaches. Peñíscola is the same, but with very large beaches… of fine sand.

All these beaches are bathed in the summer season with water temperatures ranging from 28 to 30 degrees. You will find all the contrasts of the Mediterranean, and breathtaking sunrises. Everyone will be able to choose his or her most beautiful beach in a universe of diversity. You can also enjoy tapas evenings at the full moon on your favorite beach.

Places to visit in Costa Azahar

Discover the Agricultural Cooperative La Union

Founded in 1979 by wine and olive growers of the Costa Azahar, the Cooperativa Agrícola La Unión is the perfect place to get quality products: white wines, red wines and olive oil. The Orangery campsite is ideally located to visit the cooperative and discover the products of the local agriculture.


How not to start with the village that hosts us. Cálig, the first village of the hinterland, administered by a woman (who says that the rural world is backward!), a good lesson to the pre-established thoughts. 

Ernestina, as she is affectionately called by her constituents, is very dynamic and is a driving force in the development of Cálig. The village has enhanced its 13th century heritage, tower and church. It has a large municipal swimming pool and multiple games for children.

The highlight is the village festival (August 5 to 15) where the bull is king, the traditions are magnified, and the quality of the concerts are amazing for a village of 2000 inhabitants. Don’t forget the small shops that will bring you everything you need, with the smile and the quietness of the country people.


Visit Castellon

One of the most mountainous regions in Spain, Castellón is an important tourist destination in Costa Azahar, which allows to combine bathing leisure and various outdoor activities.

The sub-prefecture of the region Castellón is worth its surroundings and the resort of Benicassim, where you will find a large complex of water games. The city center with its market place is the center of life and you will find many small restaurants with Spanish charm and shops.

During your stay at the Orangeraie campsite, discover Castellón de la Plana, its beaches, its mountain bike circuits, its architectural wealth and its gastronomic culture.

The Natural Park of Tinença de Benifassà

Beautiful. Another universe, another environment. A feeling of middle mountain in the middle of the pines and a lake with turquoise water.

Take advantage of your stay at L’Orangeraie campsite to discover the preserved landscapes of the Tinença de Benifassà Natural Park. It is home to the largest waterfalls in the region and an abundance of wildlife. Other treasures of the Natural Park include the ornate cave of Rossegadors and the remains of the Iberian village of Ballestar.

You will find hiking trails, but also water activities (pedal boats, paddle boats). Great place for picnics, and surrounded by nice restaurants. Really a nice alternative to the sea and a great contrast.

The Natural Park of La Sierra de Irta Benicarló-Peñíscola

Just after Peñíscola, you can discover the Natural Park of La Sierra d’Irta Benicarló-Peñíscola, a magnificent natural site with postcard views. It is without doubt one of the best preserved corners of the Spanish coast.

Visit Sant Mateu

In the north of Castellón, near the L’Orangeraie campsite, Sant Mateu is a town full of history, with palaces, stately homes and Romanesque and Gothic religious monuments. The hexagonal tower of the archpriestly church, emblematic of the city, is the starting point for walks to discover museums and other remarkable monuments, such as the Augustinian convent.

This ancient city of Templars is very well preserved and overlooked by the Hermita des Anges. Especially not to be missed is a tapas aperitif in its enchanting medieval square.

Animated all year round, don’t miss to visit its church and its small streets.

The thousand-year-old olive trees of Cálig

You are in the region where the oldest olive trees in Spain are found… in fact, the road leading from San Jordi to Cervera (the closest villages to Cálig) is called the route of the thousand-year-old olive trees. The territory of these 2 villages, Cálig, La Jana, and San Mateu, are the epicenter of the millenary olive trees. Your camping Paradis l’Orangeraie has 3 of them in its park.

It is therefore an ideal destination to discover the thousand-year-old olive trees of Cálig. These two monumental olive trees are a must for tourism on the Costa Azahar and can be admired 2 km from the campsite. It’s a great opportunity to go for a walk between the village of Cálig and the hermitage of Socors.

Ermita Mare De Deu Del Socors of CALIG

Just 1500 meters from the Orangery campsite, the Ermita Mare De Déu Del Socors is one of the most important tourist sites on the Costa Azahar. Known as the Ermita de El Socors, the 18th century building is the stuff of many legends. Perched on the pass of Les Forques, it is also the object of beautiful walks.

It is a chapel that can be found at the exit of the village after the cemetery in the direction of the hinterland. It is for the people of the village an important place. All the processions and festivals are celebrated there. It has replaced the 13th century church in the heart of the village.

Benicarló-Peñíscola railway station

Only 12 minutes away from L’Orangeraie campsite, the train station of Benicarló-Peñíscola allows you to come by train to your vacation spot, but also to visit other regions of Spain during your stay on the Costa Azahar, such as Valencia, Barcelona and Seville.

The train station, direction Barcelona or Valencia, is located on the direct route from the campsite to Benicarló, 7 km away.

tapas espagne calig

Outing to Cálig

For an aperitif, some local color tapas in the heart and spirit of the village, on the town hall square, visit the Olympia bar. This adorable family, the mother and the two sisters will be at the top to welcome you. Atmosphere guaranteed during the village festivities from August 5 to 15!

For a traditional meal, with local flavors do not miss Arayo, a colorful character.

For those who want to get away from it all, the pizzeria VILLA CALIG awaits you

…and if you look around you will find other nice little shops.

Restaurant Casa Arayo in Cálig

Only 1000 meters from the Orangeraie campground, the Casa Arayo restaurant welcomes you in a picturesque setting to serve you typical Spanish cuisine. You will have the opportunity to taste family dishes such as gambas with brandy, squid rabas, salmon supreme with honey from Azahar.

Discover Morella

An ideal destination to discover Morella, the Orangery campsite is located only a short distance from this must-see tourist destination on the Costa Azahar. Among the most beautiful perched cities of the country, Morella is entirely surrounded by walls which conceal a unique architectural heritage of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Morella, 50km inland, is a fortified “eagle’s nest” located at 1000M altitude. The arrival, and the view towards the city is striking. It is also a former high place of the Templars. The city is perfectly preserved, and one makes a small jump in the history. There are excellent restaurants, the streets are picturesque and the views from the ramparts are magnificent.

Ebro Delta Natural Park

60 km away from the tourist circuits, you can visit the natural park of the Ebro Delta formed by lagoons and rice fields. A landscape of great biological wealth that brings together a diversity of fauna and flora, a great reserve for the protection of birds.


13 km away is Peñíscola, a historical site with its castle and old town, the third city of the Popes after Rome and Avignon. Peñíscola has a beautiful seaside promenade planted with palm trees. It is also a very lively seaside town during the summer. Night parties are guaranteed. On the rock, and around the castle, the small streets lined with immaculate white houses are full of life, shops and restaurants.


Benicarló with its fishing port, marina and beaches is 7 km away.

Activities to do with the family in Costa Azahar

On the Mediterranean, the Costa Azahar is ideal for family vacations: its beaches are welcoming, lively and safe, and its cities are full of exciting monuments and museums. There is no shortage of outdoor activities, from beach volleyball to hiking and water sports.

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