Vinaròs, 14 km from the campsite L’ORANGERAIE, coastal town on the Costa del Azahar,

Vinaròs is located on a plain at the northern end of the province of Castellón, next to the border with the province of Tarragona.

Famous for its large shrimp, this port city once housed important shipyards and has a long tradition of canning. Today, the commercial port and fishing port, as well as the pristine beaches, and are downtown offers many services.

The streets of this town are rich in architecture, such as the convent Sant Agustí (currently occupied by the municipal auditorium Wenceslao Aiguals of Izco), and the houses of Giner and Membrillera, not to mention the church-fortress Asunción. The village of Vinaròs is characterized by its good mood and festivities.

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