Ermita Mare Of Deu Del Socors Of CALIG

The Hermitage of the Mare del Sue del Socors 1.5 km from the campsite L’ORANGERAIE, better known as the Hermitage of El Socós or just Socós (Càlig), is located at the edge of the road of cometes, at the foot of Coll de les Forques, 1 km from CALIG. It is an 18th century building.

“Legend has it that in a neighboring farm, a winter’s night, a child cried with hunger. His poor mother, desperate because she had nothing to feed him and unable to endure her cry, shouted: the devil take it! Immediately appeared the demon eager to satisfy his desire to take the child, but the mother, repentant, asked for help to the Virgin who is presented, brandishing a picket  with which she threatened the devil to chase him

ça marche pas : la métabox n'est pas renseignée.