Ebro Delta Nature Park

At the southern end of the Catalan coast, the Delta del Ebro which stretches for 320km2 plunges into the sea forming a peninsula of 25km long. This flat country invaded in the last century by swamps and paddy fields was pierced by two canals that made it habitable. Located away from the tourist circuits, it is a vast area populated with birds, fish and bulls comparable to the French Camargue. With long sandy beaches, lagoons, small fishing ports this area is just beautiful.

Birds and birdwatchers paradise because thousands of birds make it a stopping place during their winter migration to the warm southern lands. Nearly 180,000 aquatic birds, mostly ducks, stay here until spring arrives. 300 species including flamingos are listed or 60% of European varieties.

To admire the natural wealth of the Delta provide you with anti-mosquito creams because they are easily imagine legion in this peninsula.

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